Fitness Room

Resistance Equipment

Life Fitness Optima Series 

Hip Abductor/Adductor

  • Dual-resistance mechanism and swivel pads allow user to work both inner and outer thighs
  • Simple single adjustment for 10-degree increments allows users a comfortable range-of-motion start position
  • Tower is positioned in front to provide privacy for the user

Lat Pulldown/Low Row

  • Provides two traditional back exercise movements, targeting the entire back and rear shoulders muscle groups
  • Angled roller pads comfortably accommodate differently sized users without the need for additional adjustments

Leg Extension/Curl

  • User can quickly transition between exercises with one easy spring assisted adjustment
  • Back and tibia pad adjustment easily adjust for a custom fit for users of all sizes


  • Adjustable press arm keeps the user in a favourable vertical position for all exercises
  • Focuses on upper body and 3 main exercises Shoulder Press, Incline Press & Chest Press
  • Press arm adjusts easily with a single gas assisted adjustment
  • Adjustable seat accommodates varying user heights

Pectoral Fly/Rear Delt

  • Handles rotate to accommodate different users' arm lengths
  • Accommodates different size users without the need for adjustment between exercises
  • Independent arms optimise variety and feel

Leg Press

  • Oversized, non-skid foot platform
  • 11 position back pad adjustment to accommodate a wide range of user heights
  • Oversized seat pad for added comfort

Benches, Racks & Multi use


  • Combining the beginner-friendly weight stabilisation of a Smith Machine with the advanced options of unsupported Olympic bar training, the Optima Series Smith/Rack is a total free weight solution.*
  • Smith bar travels at 7º angle to replicate the body's natural motion

Dual Adjustable Pulley

  • Dual Pulley Machine used for multiple excercises for the whole body
  • 7.5 ft (2.3 m) of cable/handle travel for increased exercise variety and movement range
  • Pull-up bar with 3 hand positions for user exercise variety
  • Dual Adustable Pulley Console compatible
  • Accessories include: one pair of short strap handles, accessory storage rack, and exercise poster

Adjustable Bench x3

  • 6 intuitive adjustments, including flat, incline, & vertical
  • Integrated handle & wheel system for easy mobility
  • Fixed lumbar support adds extra comfort and stability

Free Weights & Suspension Trainer

  • Escape Fitness Free Weights ranging from 1.5kg to 40kgs
  • Kettlebells range from 4kg to 21kg
  • TRX Suspension Trainer, Uses suspended bodyweight to exercise and develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously

Cardio Equipment

Trixter Xdream Bikes x2

  • A complete total body workout for anyone at any level of fitness or age (16+)
  • An interactive fitness product that you will get totally immersed in….. and brilliant fun as well!
  • Simulate riding outdoors which is so much more fun.  5 different bike types, 4 different worlds and 400 different race variations.  You will actually forget you are working out.
  • Unique in the Lutterworth area

 Life Fitness Treadmills x4

  • The Life Fitness Treadmills where style meets substance
  • A new sophisticated treadmill to excite and inspire you
  • An activity zone to deliver the ultimate cardio experience

Life Fitness X-Trainers x4

  • 25 resistance levels to appeal to experienced and novice users
  • Target based workouts allow you to set personal goals
  • At your fingertip resistance controls to easily adjust workout intensity

Concept 2 Rowing Machines x2

  • Perfect for all ages and a great indoor rowing experience
  • 10 resistances

Life Fitness Cycles x3

  • 20 resistance levels for all types of user
  • Target based workouts and 6 programmes
  • At your fingertip resistance controls to easily adjust workout intensity

Other Fitness Equipment

Within the matted area of our fitness room we also have:

  • Fit Balls
  • Medicine Balls
  • Foam Rollers
  • Bosu Board
  • Ab Rollers
Matted Area & Kettle Bells at Ullesthorpe Court Hotel Gym

We also offer membership to both our golf and leisure club. If you would like to know more about the packages on offer, please call the Membership Department on 01455 209023.

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